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Find a Treasure Hunt for any occasion

Benefits of Custom-made Treasure Hunts

MadeToMeasure® Treasure HuntsOur bespoke treasure hunts offer you the ultimate in flexibility and choice - delivering powerful measurable results for corporate teams and guaranteed entertainment for social get-togethers, parties and special occasions.

Crafted to your precise requirements, you have complete control over where and when to hold the treasure hunt, what you want it to achieve, what format it will take and who will manage the event on the day.

If all this choice seems a bit daunting, don't worry. Our experience means we pretty much know what will work and what won't so we will offer you options and suggestions to make these decisions easy.

Custom made to fit with where you are and what else you're doing

MadeToMeasure® treasure hunts make best use of your time wherever you are.

Most 'team building activities' require you to travel to some sort of activity centre just so you can shoot somebody with a paint ball, pass your colleagues through hoops or build some short-lived, meaningless tower out of toilet rolls and sticky tape. Why spend time and money travelling somewhere you don’t need to be?!

Our tailor made treasure hunts come to you and can take place absolutely wherever you choose. The choice of location is limited only by your imagination, not by a list of what we can and can’t do. This makes the treasure hunt an ideal extension to any other plans you may have no matter where you are.

Our corporate clients often use the opportunity of a forthcoming off site meeting, away day, conference, exhibition, training course, corporate hospitality event, customer forum or branch visit to include a treasure hunt based activity for staff, customers or suppliers.

And if you’re having a birthday, anniversary, stag or hen party or outing, then a treasure hunt is a fun activity to get your group out and about, can take as long as you want and can be customised to start or end where you're staying, dining or partying.

Custom made to do what you want it to

There are lots of reasons for doing a treasure hunt and very few reasons for not doing one! MadeToMeasure® treasure hunts are designed exclusively for what you want to achieve.

Some clients simply want a fun, relaxing activity that brings people together at a party or after work and which they can run themselves to keep costs down. Others require a fully facilitated corporately branded event seeking to improve business teamwork or to enhance specific skills such as communication, planning, problem-solving, time management and creative thinking.

Our treasure hunts are incredibly versatile and can be adapted and applied to most situations - be it a wild celebration, corporate entertainment, fun day out or business team building. We consider the profile, interests and needs of your group and the reason why you're getting together to help define the style and approach that's most appropriate, the type and difficulty of treasure hunt and how it should be managed.

Some customers tell us 'we just want to have a good time' and others say 'we need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our project team'. However undefined, vague or specific your initial objectives, our expertise enables us to quickly assess your needs and gauge the purpose, mood and style of your event.

We design the format, content, area, pace and running of the treasure hunt accordingly while considering any special requirements and preferences you may have for clues or things to see and do that you'd specifically like to include or avoid. If appropriate we can also provide a means to measure the extent to which the event has been successful.

And in the unlikely case that your initial idea just won't work as a treasure hunt, we'll explain why and work with you to find an alternative.

Ultimately, you get a treasure hunt that does exactly what it says on the tin, because you helped designed the tin's contents!

Custom made without costing the earth

But all this flexibility and choice come at a price, right?

Yes. A fair one. X Marks The Spot believes in fair prices for the work we do, the value and experience we add and the quality of treasure hunt you get as a result.

We also believe you shouldn't pay for what you don't need - so it's the degree of tailoring and customisation to your needs and how the event is run that determine the price.

If you want to get your group out and about, talking, thinking, working together, sharing, learning, exploring and having fun and want to have control over how that's achieved then MadeToMeasure® is for you. It costs nothing to enquire.


Key Features

  • Treasure hunts in any location for any size of group and any occasion
  • On paper, on smartphone, on tablet or online
  • Tailor-made to fit your requirements, schedule and any other plans
  • Any theme, format or mode of transport
  • Self-run or Managed by our event professionals
  • Ideal for corporate events and special occasions
  • Free, no obligation quote


“The treasure hunt was a great idea for the hen do”

K McArthur, Cambridge

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