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Find a Treasure Hunt for any occasion

ReadyCityGo® ready-to-run treasure hunts in London and top city locations across the UK and Europe.

ReadyCityGo® ChallengeReadyCityGo® treasure hunts are a fun activity for a hen weekend, stag do, city break, birthday party, anniversary celebration, social get-together or team building day out - especially if your budget is limited.

Set up ready for your group to run independently, and from only £10 per person, the ReadyCityGo® Challenge is something genuinely different and fun to do in some of the top cities in the UK & Europe.

Split into teams and see who can work out the best route to solve a mixture of clues, puzzles and questions at major city sights and hidden corners and then be the first to crack the final code. Alternatively, keep your group together and share the fun at a more sedate pace.

A treasure hunt where you can enjoy the key city sights and more

ReadyCityGo® is ideal for groups - from first-time visitors to locals and office workers.

If you're local, ReadyCityGo® will show you places you don't know and give you a different angle on those you thought you did!

If you’re visiting it's a chance to see famous landmarks, meet people, absorb the culture, art and history and sample the cuisine. ReadyCityGo® introduces you to what’s worth seeing both on and off the beaten track, saves you time on research and planning beforehand, and lets you savour the highlights and experience when you’re there.

A treasure hunt that lets you go at your own pace

You choose how long you want to take depending on your group and schedule. ReadyCityGo® treasure hunts typically last around 3 hours if you complete all the clues and don't stop - but you could easily give yourself a whole day by visiting what you see and having a bite to eat. Alternatively, the flexible format means that not all clues have to be answered, so you could easily reduce the duration of your event to fit after work.

A treasure hunt you can adapt to suit your group

Most treasure hunts force you to start at a given point and follow other teams like sheep to the end! For larger groups, this can mean a bottleneck of teams at the same place at the same time - and if you stagger the start to avoid this it prolongs the event with the risk that those who have already finished get bored waiting.

ReadyCityGo® treasure hunts have a unique format that gives you flexibility. You start together and agree when you'll finish. You are free to start and end wherever you want and tackle the clues in any order. This means that you could begin from your office or a hotel for example and end at a pub or restaurant or back where you started. The infinite number of ways to tackle the challenge eliminates the need for a staggered start and keeps the suspense as to who has won right up to the last minute.

A treasure hunt with wide appeal

A treasure hunt is only as good as its clues. Our experienced clue-setters know what works and what doesn’t. We wouldn’t dream of sending you on a contrived one-way-only route where all the clues are solved solely by observation – because that’s dull, uninspiring and insults your intelligence.

The best treasure hunts get everyone involved through clues that require a mix of skills, knowledge and creativity to solve. From the cryptic to the seemingly obvious and from the straightforward to the downright devious, ReadyCityGo® clues appeal to groups of all ages and abilities by combining puzzles, code-breakers, cross-references, anagrams, challenges, riddles, brainteasers, crosswords, photos, word games and number challenges. Are your collective powers of deduction, observation and lateral thinking up to the test?

A treasure hunt that's up to date

It can be very frustrating when building works, roadworks and closures make clues inaccessible. Equally, it's a bit dull for you (and lazy of a treasure hunt supplier) to provide a treasure hunt that is written as a one-off and doesn't reflect what's current in the destination. ReadyCityGo® treasure hunts are researched in detail and regularly walked and updated to keep them fresh and current.

We don't subcontract or franchise our treasure hunts, distribute through stockists or pre-print materials - so by dealing direct with X Marks The Spot you can be guaranteed of consistent in-house quality and the latest most up-to-date hunts with topical clues and accessible clue locations.

A treasure hunt that's easy to run

We provide all the support materials you need to run a ReadyCityGo® treasure hunt yourself. If you’d prefer to have us run it for you just let us know before you buy.

A treasure hunt you can brand or personalise to those taking part

For a small supplement, we can if required brand the materials by adding an event name of your choice and a personal photo or company logo. Just select the 'Brand or Personalise?' option when you buy online.

A treasure hunt that you can extend as you wish

ReadyCityGo® treasure hunts are fully self-contained. But to make your day out extra special but without extra cost, you could add your own tasks if you wish once you've received your ReadyCityGo® treasure hunt packs. How about taking specific photos or scavenging certain items relevant to your group or to an individual such as a hen or stag?

A treasure hunt you buy securely online - and FREE UK delivery*

X Marks The Spot's complete range of ReadyCityGo® treasure hunts can be bought safely and securely on this website. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. At time of purchase you can choose from a number of ways to get your treasure hunt delivered, including free delivery in the UK as standard*.

A treasure hunt backed by quality service and support

Should you have any queries or need advice about a treasure hunt or destination, X Marks The Spot is only a phone call or email away.

Our self-run city treasure hunts are ready to go. Are you?

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Key Features

  • Off-the-shelf, self-run treasure hunt challenge for 2 or more teams
  • Available in 40 cities in the UK & Europe
  • Easy to run, all materials and instructions provided
  • Cost-effective activity for a hen do, stag party or any group on a fun day out
  • Buy online

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