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Treasure Hunts for a Fun Girls Day Out
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Covent Garden Hen

Hen party treasure hunt

“It was lovely how you introduced the hunt in such a personal way for each person taking part and it really got everyone involved”

K Lashley, Leicestershire

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Hen party ideas

Really love your hen?

Hen party balloon

Give your treasure hunt a theme or get the clues personalised to the hen (or both!).

Make the Hen Do special with MadeToMeasure®

Hen weekend and Hen party treasure hunts

You want to give your best mate a big send off for her big day but you're stuck for ideas.

It's a mixed bunch at the hen party and the pressure is on to come up with a fun activity that the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids and girl friends will enjoy - and remember long after it's finished.

X Marks The Spot™ provide fun treasure hunts for hen parties.


Ready-made self-run treasure hunts for hen parties

X Marks The Spot offer off-the-shelf treasure hunts that hen groups can easily run themselves.

Our ReadyCityGo® range covers 40 great locations in the UK and Europe - from Bath to Barcelona and Brighton to Bruges - and even places that don't begin with B!

We've done all the hard work so all you need to do is buy a ReadyCityGo® treasure hunt on this website and get to your chosen location. Then run the treasure hunt and enjoy. Prices start at only £10 per person.

Find out more about ReadyCityGo®.

Personal hen treasure hunts for a really special day

For the ultimate experience, X Marks The Spot will devise a unique treasure hunt for your hen. You can choose to have just the clues to run it yourself or we'll come and run it for you.

This one-of-a-kind hen party activity offers you complete flexibility and choice, delivering guaranteed entertainment for hen groups and something really personal and memorable for the hen.

Your 'designer' treasure hunt:

Personal hen treasure hunts can take place anywhere, and they won't cost a fortune, particularly if we can tweak one of our existing city treasure hunts to suit.

Personal treasure hunt clues, themes and formats can range from the sublime to the ridiculous depending on your needs. For example, imagine an event with photos of the hen through the years accompanied by clues tailored to her life and interests. Or a food and drink themed quest in Brussels which includes sampling chocolate, beer, mussels and chips en route! Or how about a hen versus stag treasure hunt challenge?

Dress up if you want, add in some photo challenges and things to scavenge along the way and fun for all is pretty much guaranteed - especially if you make it a surprise for the hen.

Isn't it time to get your hens out and about and having a laugh on a treasure hunt? Whether you prefer clues with booze or thinking without drinking - if you can imagine it, we can design it. Anywhere.

Find out more about a MadeToMeasure® hen treasure hunt or fill in the enquiry form on this page.

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Go at your own pace

Tortoise racing against the hare

Fast or Slow - ReadyCityGo®

Hen Treasure Hunts just got smarter

Smartphone treasure hunt

Got a smart phone? Fun interactive treasure hunt, in or around where you're staying or partying. Provides great photos as a souvenir for the hen.

Find out about our exciting smartphone treasure hunts