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Find a Treasure Hunt for any occasion

Hi-tech Treasure Hunts on smartphone and tablet

0% paper, 100% fun

X Marks The Spot for the next generation of treasure hunts...

A fully-interactive experience that harnesses mobile digital technology, puts the 'app' into appealing and pushes the boundaries of treasure hunts and team building.

Watch our one minute video to see how they work!...

Hi-tech Hunts anywhere - even in multiple places at the same time!

City, countryside, hotel, office, home or conference venue. Anywhere there's a 3G signal on your smartphone or tablet or a wi-fi connection is a potential location for a touchscreen-powered treasure hunt.

Get your group together for a team building awayday or fun after work wherever you want. Start at the office and end in the pub. Race around the countryside in cars. Get out and about on bikes. Go treasure hunting indoors. Have a girls or lads day out. Run a digital hunt as a conference break-out activity. You get the gist.

Alternatively - and even more mind-boggling - you can opt not to bring your group together physically at all! Hi-tech treasure hunts also work when participants are split across locations or sites, countries or time zones. Think of the costs saved on travel and accommodation! It opens up possibilities such as friendly inter-site rivalry; or mixing teams so that members of the same team are tens, hundreds or even thousands of miles apart; or one team doing the hunt in daylight while it's dark for another.

Well, we did warn you it was mind-boggling.

A range of challenges encourage lateral thinking and teamwork

Teams compete to tackle challenges (or Missions) that will test their creativity, problem-solving ability, knowledge, communication skills and collaborative working to the maximum.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, and from the seemingly obvious to the fiendish, missions are points-rated by degree of difficulty - with the aim being to score more points than your opponents in the time available. Missions can be tackled in any order and not all missions need be tackled - making this a game of strategy.

Missions are accessed via our ground-breaking and intuitive state-of-the-art app. The same easy-to-use interface enables each team to record answers and capture photographic proof of each mission as it is completed.

Photos are instantly uploaded and available at a single touch - including to X Marks The Spot's event manager who seamlessly keeps track of progress and manages everything from start to finish - leaving you free to get on with the next mission!

Real-time competition adds extra spice

Live leaderboards, real-time feeds of recent photos and the ability to retake challenges add a truly interactive competitive element by allowing teams to monitor each other and react to their opponents' progress!

Add in the possibility of new unexpected missions arriving mid-hunt and it can be enough for some teams to lose their nerve, compromise their strategy and go for broke on the more ambitious missions - with potentially hilarious consequences captured on camera and stories to dine out on!

Any number of phones or tablets allowed, so everyone really gets involved

As with most team-oriented activities, we recommend teams of up to five people to ensure optimal team dynamics.

Only one mobile device per team is needed as a minimum, but the more the merrier! With no limit on the number of smartphones or tablets per team, maximum participation, engaged teams and fully inclusive team building is guaranteed.

Each handheld device has simultaneous access to the treasure hunt missions and their current status across all teams regardless of devices per team - and anyone in a team can submit answers and photos for that team from their own smartphone or tablet.

Now that's smart.

Quick, fun conclusion and a memorable experience that lives on

Because all the photos can be reviewed by the facilitator during the event, there's no protracted answer marking at the end - just the award of bonus or penalty points and the final results. The wrap-up is short and sharp, and if we're facilitating on-site it can also include a fun slideshow of the photos subject to what works best at the end venue.

This leaves the group free to enjoy the rest of their day and evening, still buzzing about the event and anticipating their own copy of the photos that will live on as a lasting memory of a team building experience like no other.

Widely accessible on common smartphones and tablets

Everyone deserves to enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled excitement of treasure hunts that exploit the rich features of mobile digital technology. That's why our smartphone-enabled and tablet-powered treasure hunts run on the world's most popular mobile devices - the iPhone from Apple and Android-based smartphones from Samsung and HTC for example as well as tablets such as iPads. You can even have a mix of device types and models per team.

This gives a rapidly growing number of smartphone and tablet owners easy access to our treasure hunts through their own familiar device, rather than having to hire one. (But if you do need to hire please let us know).

Wow! What now?

Embrace the digital era. Read our frequently asked questions or visit our dedicated mobile events website or call us (smartphone optional) or fill in the enquiry form on this page to find out about the leading-edge treasure hunt that customers love and competitors envy.


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