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Treasure Hunts for a Family Day Out
City Break or Family get-together
Solve. Find. Enjoy. Together.
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Options for a Family Day Out in London

Treasure Hunts for Families

If you're planning a fun day out with the family, would like to combine a bit of mental and physical exercise but are tired of the same old stuff then we might be able to help.

X Marks The Spot™ provide fun treasure hunts for families.

Treasure hunt fun together for all the family

Although treasure hunts are traditionally for teams we don't want families to feel left out.

CityExplorer® Mystery Tours are a unique self-guided sightseeing experience where solving clues, questions and puzzles introduce you to what's worth seeing both on and off the beaten track.

Walk along the Thames by the London Eye, stroll through Berlin's Tiergarten, see Windsor Castle and more. Absorb the scenery, pick up some interesting facts about the local area, give your brains and legs a gentle workout and stop when and where you want along the way. Take the whole day. There's no hurry.

16 mystery tour locations await the curious family.

Family treasure hunts in teams

The ReadyCityGo® range of pre-written treasure hunts enables teams to have fun competing against each other in friendly rivalry. Add some friends to your family group then split into two teams or challenge another family to be first to find the 'treasure'.

The treasure hunts are available in 40 locations across the UK & Europe, making them an ideal activity that you can run yourself if you're on holiday or on a day out with other families. The treasure hunts can be bought simply and securely on this website before you travel.


Special treasure hunts for special family occasions

For a really special treat, if you fancy a treasure hunt uniquely designed for your family then MadeToMeasure® could be for you.

MadeToMeasure® is a custom made treasure hunt that:

Read more about MadeToMeasure® treasure hunts or fill in the enquiry form on this page.

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Explore as a Family

Family treasure hunt

Stay together and explore on a CityExplorer® Mystery Tour

Keep up with (or beat) the Joneses

Tortoise racing against the hare

Split your family into teams or challenge another family. Take the ReadyCityGo® Challenge

Special Occasions