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London West End Mystery Tour

London West End Mystery Tour

London West End CityExplorer® £89

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The London West End CityExplorer® Mystery Tour is great for visitors to the West End of London - especially couples or families on a city break or day out, tourists or any small group of up to 5 people.

London is crammed with famous historic buildings, countless monuments and incredible museums and galleries. Its quiet squares, explorable alleyways and large parks give Europe's largest city an unmatched charisma.

London always offers something new and there are always lots of things for adults or children to see and do.

The West End of London is the centre of capital's shopping, cultural entertainment and restaurant scene offering up a vibrant and eclectic mix of famous landmarks, theatres, fashion, museums, music venues and tourist tat.

The London West End mystery tour is a self-guided sightseeing travel guide with a twist that helps you explore what the West End of London has to offer.

The route you take depends on your answers to a set of clues, questions and puzzles around London's West End that can be tackled in any order.

There's no tour bus, no annoying headphones, no tour guide and no strangers to sit next to. Instead, we supply you with a map and a series of conundrums that send you on a journey of discovery of the West End of London's past and present.

Your route could take you to see Nelson's Column, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden, the Houses of Parliament and more - but what you actually end up seeing is up to your clue cracking and puzzle solving abilities!

Wherever you go, it's a fun way to get your bearings, enjoy some sightseeing, discover hidden corners, pick up interesting facts along the way and start to get a flavour of the history, architecture and people of London's prime retail and entertainment district.

The London West End CityExplorer® Mystery Tour is set up ready for you to do independently. The mystery tour's unique flexible format means that you can choose where to start and finish and how long you want to take - so that it fits with your schedule, your other activities and where you're staying.

Key features

  • Enjoy the West End of London. See what's worth seeing in the London's West End both on and off the beaten track and have fun doing it.
  • Flexible. Start and end whenever and wherever you want and take as long as you want to fit your other plans.
  • Stay together. Enjoy your London West End Mystery Tour as a unit. Any number of people up to 5 is fine - please don't consider more than five as it just won't be physically possible to share the clue booklet and this could end up spoiling your enjoyment.
  • Easy to run yourself. We provide some simple instructions.
  • Everyone gets involved. A wide range of clues to suit all abilities.
  • Up-to-date. The London West End Mystery Tour is researched in detail and regularly reviewed to keep it fresh, current and interesting.
  • Buy securely online. All major credit & debit cards accepted. We also take cheques.
  • Free delivery in the UK*. The Mystery Tour pack contains a map, instructions and a set of clues, plus we provide a set of sealed answers. Several delivery options are available including free UK postage as standard. Mystery Tours can also be despatched worldwide by Air Mail.There is a Fast Track option if you need to get your Mystery Tour urgently.
  • Quality service and support. X Marks The Spot is only ever a phone call or email away before, during and after your London West End mystery tour.

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“Everyone enjoyed the day immensely. I have passed your details to the Business Development team here and to the Partners as this is something our clients would really like.”

Commercial property solicitors, City of London

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