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Treasure hunt fun for colleagues, friends & family

Treasure hunt dictionary definitionX Marks The Spot has redefined the treasure hunt - to create innovative team building exercises, ingenious clue-based games, unique sightseeing travel guides and fun party activities throughout the UK and Europe.

Established in 1998, and specialising exclusively in the design, supply and management of treasure hunts, our market-leading products are enjoyed by:

About our treasure hunt products

Our customers tell us they find our treasure hunts ideal for building relationships at work or for strengthening friendships outside - while getting some mental stimulation and physical exercise at a pace that they choose.

X Marks The Spot's popular treasure-hunt-based events include:       

Discover the benefits

While who knows what you might find at the end of your hunt, the real long-lasting 'treasure' on X Marks The Spot treasure hunts are the tangible benefits from taking part.

Whatever the occasion, wherever the location, X Marks The Spot treasure hunts get your group out and about, talking, thinking, working together, sharing, learning, exploring and having fun.

Discover the benefits (and perhaps more) where X Marks The Spot.

Mystery Tour

CityExplorer® travel guide

Off-the-shelf, self-guided city sightseeing with a twist for up to 5 people to enjoy together

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ReadyCityGo® Challenge

Tortoise racing against the hare

Off-the-shelf, self-run treasure hunt challenge for 2 or more teams in 40 UK & European cities

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Interactive Hunt

Hi-tech Treasure Hunt Packages on smartrphone and tablet

Unique high-tech treasure hunt packages for corporate team building and fun outside work. Exclusive to X Marks The Spot.

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MadeToMeasure® Treasure Hunts

MadeToMeasure® Treasure Hunts

Customised, self-run or fully-managed treasure hunts. Designed for any occasion, any number of people in any location. On paper, on smartphone, on tablet and online.

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