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Why a treasure hunt?

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Customer Testimonials
A selection of comments from corporate and private customers

Teambuilding treasure hunt, Oxford, Waitrose



“Very well planned and thought out treasure hunt with a great mix of clues ranging from the simpler 'find it here' type to devilish code breakers.

The mix of point ranges for the questions kept it interesting, and meant that we had to plan routes and watch the clock to maximise our score.

The members of our team that hadn’t been also found it a great introduction to Oxford, as they got to see the city centre and a lot of the sights and the colleges. A fantastic product.”

P Grinstead, WAITROSE

“First of all, I wanted to say that we all had a fantastic time - it was brilliant.

Castle Combe is a lovely place and as it had snowed the night before, it was just beautiful.

My team faired well despite getting stuck on the golf course initially, another team returned late and incurred a 10 point penalty after getting lost in the woods above the village and the hen's team won the challenge and even stopped for a mulled wine and piece of cake along the way!

Funnily enough, on the answer about the animal at the furniture shop - only one team got it right as the others put a Toad rather than a Frog. There was so much discussion about it that we all ran out from marking the answers in the pub to inspect whether it was in fact a Toad rather than a Frog!!! It was all great fun...”

E Yip, London


Christmas treasure hunt reward, Cologne, Apacer Technology BV



“The weekend in Cologne was a success! We had a fantastic time doing the Challenge and everyone was really impressed with it. Big thanks to you :-)

N Schnitzler, APACER TECHNOLOGY BV (Netherlands)

“I just wanted to say what a fabulous time we had last weekend - obviously the weather was perfect and showed the Cotswolds off to absolute perfection.

The treasure hunt was so carefully thought out and nicely challenging that it took full advantage of our competitive natures and there was lots of adrenalin flowing as we chased each other in cars around the countryside!

The cricket pitch picnic was picture perfect and the walking circuit from Swinbrook was so picturesque it was almost difficult to concentrate on the hunt!

Melissa absolutely loved it and said how happy she was that her bridesmaids knew her so well to plan something so perfect for her. All in all, a fantastic success - thank you again for all your assistance!”

A Ashton, London

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Team building treasure hunt, London, Carphone Warehouse



“X Marks The Spot were very professional and meticulous in their preparation for our event. The hunt went off without a hitch and had the perfect mix of fun, difficulty and timing (no one dragging their feet by the end of it).

The feedback from around the team was all extremely positive and they all said how much they enjoyed the treasure hunt set up by X Marks The Spot.

The most pleasing aspect of the hunt was X Marks The Spots' ability to make it customised to how we wanted - they provided a great Easter theme for the event.

Thank you to Brian and the team for making our team event that more enjoyable.”


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Corporate Bristol treasure hunt, Saffery Champness, Bristol

“Thank you very much for all of the work you put into the Bristol team building event, it was great. Everyone really enjoyed it and said it was the best treasure hunt they had been on! (and some have been on several).

We especially appreciated the links to our firm, that added an extra dimension and was really well received.

It worked out really well self-facilitating and we found it fun trying to track all of the teams down to sneak some action shots along the way.

The marking didn’t take long and so it was quite easy to do this whilst the teams were having a break before lunch. All-in-all a great start to our day. Thanks again.”




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