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Treasure Hunts in Bristol

Indoor events & outdoor challenges in Bristol

BristolBristol blends bridges, balloons, boats, Brunel and Banksy. An energetic city with a thriving university scene and a strong festival culture that makes the most of its harbourside location.

X Marks The Spot offers an exciting range of treasure hunts in and around Bristol - or indoors - for work colleagues, friends and family - whether team building, partying, fund raising or sightseeing.

Ready made or Bespoke, Self-run or Fully facilitated, for 2 people to 200 - explore our product range to find the treasure hunt in Bristol that best suits your group, occasion, needs and budget.

Product Where? Format? On-the-day management?
ReadyCityGo Outdoor Classic Self-run
Under Cover Indoor Classic Self-run
Street View Outdoor Interactive Self-run
Culture Vulture Indoor Interactive Self-run
OutSmart Outdoor Interactive Facilitated
Escape Indoor Interactive Facilitated
Shoot! Any Interactive Facilitated
Collaborate! Any Interactive Facilitated
Multi-location Challenge Any Interactive Facilitated
Made to Measure Any Any Any


ReadyCityGo  ReadyCityGo       

Classic self-run paper-based city centre treasure hunt, great for a social get-together or fun team bonding activity, especially if your budget is limited.

    From £249 for 2 teams for 2-3 hours. £80/additional team.

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Under Cover  Under Cover                 

Stay dry on this self-run paper-based indoor challenge while enjoying your chosen museum in a way that's anything but dry.

        From £249 for 2 teams for 90 mins-2 hours. £80/additional team.

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Street View  Street View       

Our most popular SELF-RUN event.
Smartphone-powered self-run urban game with automated scoring, live scoreboard, countdown clock and GPS. When the clock stops, the team with the most points wins!

       From £349 for 2 teams for 90 mins. £125/extra team. £150/extra 30 mins.

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Culture Vulture  Culture Vulture                 

Museums are dull? Not on this fast-paced self-run hi-tech game. Countdown clock, automated scoring and live league table. Who'll be on top when the clock hits zero?

        From £349 for 2 teams for 90 mins. £125/extra team. £150/extra 30 mins.

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OutSmart  OutSmart                 

Our most popular FACILITATED event.
Competitve and interactive - imagine a team game or sports match with strategy, tactics and tackling your opponents - but played out on the streets with multiple teams.

      From £499 for 2 teams for 90 mins. £150/extra team. £200/extra 30 mins.

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Escape  Escape                                                         Available in any indoor location

Armed only with smartphones and their brains, teams have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room by solving puzzles, brain teasers and cryptic questions.

       From £249 for 2 teams for 60 mins. £100/additional team.

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Shoot!  Shoot!                                      Available in any indoor or outdoor location

Interactive photographic adventure. Teams get an unusual set of things to do, find or create and capture on camera - and can see and trump their opponents' answers.

       From £399 for 2 teams for 60 mins. £150/extra team. £200/extra 30 mins

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Collaborate!  Collaborate!                            Available in any indoor or outdoor location

Interactive games for teams of up to 12 people each, with all participants fully engaged thanks to no limit on the number of devices. Popular for social events and large groups.

     From £649 for up to 20 people. Gets less per person for larger groups.

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Multi-location Challenge  Multi-location Challenge      Runs in 2+ locations at once, indoors or out

Why miss out because everyone can't get to the same place? This team event spans the miles, and time zones if required. A team's members can be in different places too!

    From £649 for 2 teams, 2 locations. £200/extra location. £100/extra team.

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Made to Measure  Made to Measure                   Available in any indoor or outdoor location

No two groups are the same, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for everyone. You might just want a tweak to something you've seen or you may want to commission a completely bespoke event. The possibilities are endless. So is our creativity.

                  From £499.

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Custom made clues only St Georges Day team building treasure hunt, City of London, Sanofi-Aventis

“Despite heavy heads from the night before, the fresh air perked us all up! The treasure hunt content was meaningful and appropriate and we managed to facilitate without any problems. Thank you. We had a great day and I would recommend it for other teamwork sessions.”

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