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OutSmart® Interactive Hunt
Outsmart the Opposition
Solve. Find. Enjoy. Together.
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OutSmart® Interactive Hunt - How it works & FAQs

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1.  What exactly is an OutSmart® Interactive Hunt?

An OutSmart® Interactive Hunt is an urban challenge on smartphone or tablet where you need to outsmart your opponents to win.

Teams are set missions to achieve within 90, 120 or 150 minutes (you choose the duration). Missions are delivered to team smartphones (or tablets) and any team member can submit an answer and photographic proof for a mission.

Successfully completed missions score points with the objective being for your team to score the most. Missions vary in points value and can be done in any order or omitted without penalty, so choose your missions carefully!

But that's only half the story! Real-time leaderboards, the ability to sneek a cunning peek at opponents' answers, the possibility of new missions arriving during the hunt and the option to retake missions all add a unique twist. Can your team react to what others are doing without taking your eye off the ball?

Everything is cleverly integrated and web-based - with a single touch of your smartphone/tablet you're done and on to your next mission! It's fun and slick - after all it's a race against the clock and you want to win!

Expect an interactive game of exploration, strategy, tactics and creativity - often with hilarious outcomes!

2.  Who can go on an OutSmart® Interactive Hunt?

Any corporate group or private group seeking a fun team challenge that's innovative and fun.

Private events range from birthday parties and anniversary celebrations to social get-togethers, school reunions, hen & stag parties and charity fundraising events - or any situtation where there is a group of people.

The nature of OutSmart® makes it particularly popular as a team building activity with corporate groups or as a social activity after work.

There is no limit on group size. We recommend teams of up to 4 people to ensure everyone can contribute fully.

OutSmart® is devised as an event on foot. Work smart and this will reduce how much walking you do.

3. Where do OutSmart® Interactive Hunts take place, start and finish?

OutSmart® currently operates in over 60 locations across 18 countries.

The approximate centre of the OutSmart® Hunt area is:

Aberdeen (Mercat Cross)
Amsterdam (Dam Square)
Armagh (Public Library)
Athens (Monastiraki station)
Barcelona (Liceu station)
Bath (The Abbey)
Belfast (City Hall)
Berlin (Französische Strasse station)
Birmingham (Victoria Square)
Brighton (The Lanes)
Bristol (Cathedral)
Bruges (Markt)
Brussels (Grand-Place)
Budapest (Chain Bridge)
Cambridge (Holy Trinity Church)
Canterbury (Cathedral)
Cardiff (Castle)
Cheltenham (Town Hall)
Chester (Eastgate Clock)
Cologne (Cathedral)
Copenhagen (City Hall)
Cork (City Hall)
Derry (Guildhall)
Dublin (Trinity College)
Dundee (City Chambers)
Edinburgh (Scott Monument)
Florence (Duomo)
Glasgow (Royal Concert Hall)
Inverness (Old High Church)
Leeds (Millennium Square)
Lisbon (Baixa / Chiado station)
Liverpool (Central library)
City of London (Bank of England)
London Natural History Museum (Diplodocus)
London Richmond (Richmond station)
London South Bank (Millennium Bridge)
London West End (Trafalgar Square)
Madrid (Plaza Mayor)
Manchester (Central Library)
Munich (Frauenkirche)
Newcastle (Main Railway Station)
Newry (City Hall)
Norwich (Cathedral)
Nottingham (Castle)
Oxford (Carfax Tower)
Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral)
Perth (Fair Maid of Perth sculpture)
Plymouth (Theatre Royal)
Portsmouth (Guildhall)
Prague (Old Town Square)
Reading (The Hexagon)
Rome (Il Vittoriano monument)
Sheffield (Leopold Square)
Southampton (Guildhall)
Stirling (Church of the Holy Rude)
Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare's Birthplace)
Swansea (Castle Square)
Venice (Rialto Bridge)
Vienna (Opera House)
Windsor (Castle)
York (The Minster)
Zurich (Fraumünster).

You are free to choose any start point. Somewhere indoors is usually best, provided it has wi-fi or a mobile data signal. Your offices or where you're staying may be a good option if it's near the centre of the OutSmart® Hunt area. Alternatively a nearby pub, cafe or restaurant will do. Just let everyone taking part know where it is beforehand and what time to be there.

You are free to choose any end point, the same criteria apply as for the start. Again, just let everyone taking part know where it is beforehand. Once your hunt finishes we take 30-45 minutes to finalise the results (depending on group size), giving you time to find a nearby venue should you not already have one in mind and grab a comfort break and drink.

4.  When can we do an OutSmart® Hunt?

Any day of the week.

We offer half-hourly start times in all locations between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (local time).

5.  How many mobile devices do I need and what type?

OutSmart® Interactive Hunts run on iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

This includes iPhone, iPad and smartphones and tablets from manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Google, LG and Sony. Chances are your group will have several between them already.

An Apple device with operating system 8 or higher (usually iPhone5 or later), or an Android device with operating system 4.1 or later is what you need. Tablets will need SIM cards to access the 3G/4G mobile data network.

Each team needs at least one device, but you can have as many devices per team as you like, and these can be a mix of any type (smartphone, tablet, iOS or Android). We charge per team not per device, so the more devices the merrier!

If you don't have suitable mobile devices then please ask us about hiring.

6.  Do we need a map or a guide book?

No. The beauty of mobile technology is that it provides maps, GPS and the internet, so there's no need for paper.

7.  What do I need to do in advance?

Decide where and when you'd like to do an OutSmart® Hunt and how many teams you'll have. Book and pay on this website and await our confirmation.

Organise your teams and check that each team will have at least 1 suitable mobile device.

Arrange where you want to end the event, and make a reservation there if necessary.

Get any prizes you need.

Advise participants of the arrangements, ask them to make sure their smartphones/tablets are fully charged on the day and request that they are at the start point at least 15 minutes before you want the hunt to begin. This is so that teams can register and set up their devices by following instructions that we'll provide on the day.

8.  What happens on the day of the hunt?

Please get your group to the start point 15 minutes in advance of your start time and let our facilitator know you're there.

Our facilitator will communicate with you by text or phone so that teams can register and configure their phones.

Your hunt will be activated when everyone is ready - and then you're off!

Your hunt will be deactivated when the duration expires. Teams return to the end point you've chosen.

Our facilitator will communicate by text within 30-45 minutes of the end, including details of bonuses or penalties and the final results!

9.  What if my mobile device dies during the hunt?

It's a good idea to have a back-up smartphone or tablet in your team in case of technical difficulties. We don't charge for additional devices.

As each device in a team logs in with the same team name and password, just log in and start where you left off.

10. What can you tell me about the missions?

Enough to give you a flavour, but not enough to spoil the event for you!

Many years of experience has given our treasure hunt designers a good instinct as to what works and what doesn't. This wealth of experience is reflected in our OutSmart® Interactive Hunt missions.

OutSmart® is aimed at adults, so we assume that a certain level of knowledge and life experience exists among team members! For example, we wouldn't provide missions that were based solely on observation - as we feel that insults your intelligence, offers little variety and doesn't really encourage you to be resourceful in completing the mission.

Typically you might expect missions that require you to solve a puzzle, apply general knowledge or think laterally then go somewhere or do something. Is that vague enough for you? (hey sometimes you just gotta go with the flow).

Your 'completed mission' is a photograph alongside which you can type some text if required. And remember, keep an eye on the other teams...


If there's anything else you need to know, please contact us.

OutSmart® Hunt
Key Features

  • Interactive photographic scavenger hunt for 2 or more teams.
  • Tackle missions, capture proof, score points.
  • Outsmart the opposition - react to a live leaderboard and track your opponents' missions during the hunt.
  • Available in over 60 popular city locations across the UK & Europe.
  • Choose 90, 120 or 150 minutes duration.
  • Use your own iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or Android tablet.
  • Have as many devices per team as you want at no extra charge.
  • Remote facilitation included.
  • Book your date/time slot and buy online.

Features in detail

OutSmart® Hunt

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  St Andrews

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