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Invite the taxman to your Christmas party!

corporate entertainment tax allowanceIs your company saying Bah! Humbug! to this year's Christmas party due to lack of funds?

The taxman may be able to help!

Do you know that the UK Government allows all UK companies to claim £150 including VAT per employee per year for staff entertainment?

If your company is profitable, then you could be missing out!

Making use of the corporate entertainment tax allowance enables your company to claim for the cost of your staff party – otherwise that money goes straight to the taxman at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. Why let him party when it could be you?!

Perhaps it’s time for you to have a word with your Finance department to encourage them to have a close look at www.hmrc.gov.uk ? You could end up getting the Christmas party you never thought the current economic climate would allow.

Funding sorted, the next question is what are you going to do for this year’s bash? 

X Marks The Spot provides treasure hunts with a Christmas twist so why not go sleuthing with colleagues and complete your celebrations with your office Christmas lunch, party or drinks?

We can customise the event with your company logo and even tailor the clues to reveal the name of the pub or restaurant as your final destination. What an incentive to solve the clues!

Whichever treasure hunt you choose, you’ll still have plenty of change from that corporate entertainment allowance for drinks and meals. Who’d have thought we’d be toasting HMRC this Christmas? Cheers!


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